Je ne sais, ne sais, ne sais pas pourquoi. On s'aime comme ça, la Seine et moi

hiii ᶻ 𝗓 i'm Rigby but i go by other names like: Loreto, Aurelius, and Carinu ~ !

Transman that is attracted to men. English - Italian is okay! I'm a PROUD YumeFudanshi... Legally diagnosed Mentally ill. cutest boy in the morgue !

I love... My little pony, the joker, vampires + bats, boys love, psychological/psychological horror media, MEN, zero ultra monster, enstars, classical music, halloween and christmas~

I hate... calories.......... yaoi deniers, every batman/joker ship that ISN'T batjokes (THEY LITEEERALLY KILLLEDDD YOUR FAV :333)

With all your faults, I love you still!

Please Take Into Consideration... i love yaoi SO much, i rarely post on anything, i'm a jokester :p, n+c fanatic, i selfship unironically .

Before you Interact... i take my interests VERY seriously, i can't understand tones sometimes, not a serious person online, i indulge in problematic media at times.

Important... i don't have a dni because anyone is allowed to ask something or talk to me! obviously, i might block you, but don't worry about any specific rules ^^! errmmm...... idc about problematic topics, i just like what i like n dont care what people think :D