I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singin' in the garden. Kiss me on my open mouth

HEYA!!!!! im Rigby but you can also call me Loreto!! i'm a 15 year old nerd with too much internet access!! he/him i love love older boys and my innocence! IM THE YAOI KING :3!! anything yaoi/bl related ive probably already nosebleeded over ;D! im not a terrible boy! im mentally unstable, and find comfort in being treated like a little boy, nothing sexual, purely emotional!!

Mon cœur est à papa! You know, le proprietaire!

Ever wanted to see what a teenage boy thinks on gloomy days? just click here!

hey guys. just so you know, im not terribly new to coding?!?!?!? i started off on carrd.co pro plus, but after it ran out, i just switched to here!!! im a huge huge science nerd n chem is my favorite eveerrrr..... "why do you like coding then, idot!!!???" CAUSE I DO. talking about myself has to be the best thing ever!! narcissistic, maybe; but narcissus was always pretty now was heeeee :3 oka im joking but.............................. not.